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In 2015 I purchased an empty caravan and asked the wonderful artist Rosa Sijben to collaborate. A few months later Rosa presented her incredible creation and The Caravan Theatre started her first season of Summer Shorts, at Borough Market, with the support of Merge Festival.
What followed were four years of performances, spread around London and beyond.

A theatre, inside a caravan. It looks like a swimming pool, without water. Robin Linde Productions brings various evocative, humorous, intriguing 15 minute short plays to a small intimate audience of ten people max at a time.

“Welcomed into the most awkward caravan for 15 mins with a smiley psycho.
FANTASTIC. Thoroughly enjoyed.” – Hugh Noonan

The Caravan Theatre has been invited and/or commissioned by Merge Festival, Better Bankside, Vault Festival, Rye Arts Festival, Houghton Festival and Waterloo Food Festival.