Do you want to improve your presenting skills?

Break the barriers, overcome your fear and feel more confident when presenting in front of an audience.

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Practice makes a habit! Once we’ve uncovered your blindspots and personal challenges, we will know what to work on and how to practise. By experiencing improvement you will gain confidence. You will feel more at ease when you present and you will become a more effective communicator, on stage as well as online.

If this interests you, I present a playful and systematic analysis of all aspects of presentation so that the key themes and stories are more effectively conveyed. I’ve dedicated my experiences as a performer and presentation coach to enhance people’s presence, when communicating in front of an audience.

Are they still awake?

Communication, instead of sharing content mainly through slides. Presenting to serve the story. Having worked with students and lecturers from all over the world for the past eight years, I’ve seen a large number of people improve very quickly, expanding their range and increasing engagement.

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Presence Tweak

Preparations for an upcoming presentation

The aim is to make you feel more connected with the content and ready to share the presentation as a story! We will explore how to rehearse in a way that suits you best. I will give you tailored exercises to practice between sessions and we will tweak your slides if needed.
Whether you have a lot of presenting experience or not, these sessions are designed to make you feel more at ease in front of an audience when delivering this specific presentation.

We will work on:
  • the structure of the story, how to make it even more accessible for the audience
  • your slides/visual aides, if used
  • rehearsing the way you share the story, how you deliver the content
  • gaining awareness on what message the audience receives

Presence Training

Improve your general presenting skills

If presenting is an important part of your work but you absolutely wish it wasn’t, this training offers an accessible approach to communicating in front of an audience. In 4 sessions you will explore many different perspectives of presenting and inevitably gain confidence. These sessions provide tools you can practice when preparing for any type of communication scenario. The aim is to make your individual way of presenting stand out, so it will support your knowledge, interest and work.

You will be given tailored exercises, and we will explore:
  • non-verbal communication
  • various ways of rehearsing
  • how to accept the attention of the audience
  • the benefits of pausing
  • eye-contact: audience, ceiling or your powerpoint?
  • practise makes a habit

Robin helped me identify what made me be so hectic during my presentations: as I was scared of being speechless in front of an audience, I rushed. We worked on long silences and pauses, which felt extremely uncomfortable for me in the beginning, but working with that discomfort helped me overcome that fear. I feel I have broken a barrier and that now I am more confident when I am presenting to an audience

NuriaPhD student UCL

Students at the university had positive experiences and had recommended Robin; as I started organising more regular workshops for the School of Management, Robin has continued to be very helpful for the community and is regularly requested by participants.

UCLschool of management

Robin is very professional. She could identify my problems, especially the higher level of problems. Once I understood what she suggested, I could feel my own transformations.

WenxinPhD student UCL

Between 2011–2019 I worked with various technical universities, giving a course called ‘The Art of Presenting Science’. This course is created by Artesc.