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Vault Festival ’18, London
Written by Sammy Kissen
Directed by David Kirkbride

It’s Big Tony’s Big wake and we are all here to celebrate his life, his achievements, his triumphs. With Mr Kipling Cakes on tap and surrounded by the crème de la crème of the commercial Universe, his heartbroken widow takes us on a rollercoaster journey through the golden age of advertising.

Although not a superstar herself, she’s a survivor and supreme mistress of re-invention. She hitchhikes her way to eminence and the high life. But what happens at the tail end of forty years in this cut-throat world, when the era of mascots, jingles and sugary cereals seems all but over?

What is left for a widowed chameleon? Can she adapt to these most challenging of times, can she remain relevant and at what cost? Who is she now that her protector is gone and what is left of her after so many re-imaginations? These are all questions to be explored in a new drama – a surreal world where memoir meets film-noir.

“All Boxed Up is a beautifully surreal and dark take on the ridiculousness that is advertising culture, deftly delivered. If you’re after something off-beat and tongue-in-cheek in VAULT Festival’s final week, you’d be hard pressed to find something smarter.” –

“But, cream rises you know, and turds sink (most of the time) and you can throw all the freebies and jingles you like at a thing but if a brand’s mascot ain’t got it, then they ain’t got it.”