The Ultimate Social Media Authenticity Training

Because too many people are dreading ‘the work’ of being visible online. Because others are being crowned ‘influencer’. As a performer, presentation coach and social media enthusiast I explore the middle ground by looking at various approaches to creating and sharing content online. Prioritising joy and significance over feeling the pressure to having to promote yourself.

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“Robin is one of the realest people on Instagram that I know.”

Rob Major@therobmajor

Improve your presenting skills

Do you want to improve your presentation skills? Break the barriers, overcome your fear and feel more confident when presenting in front of an audience?

Practice makes a habit!

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“We worked on long silences and pauses, which felt extremely uncomfortable for me in the beginning, but working with that discomfort helped me overcome that fear.”

NuriaPhD student UCL

Happy Bunday

When most people had to stay at home, we delivered 595 cinnamon buns in 3 different cities (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht). We made 102 delivery stops and created 7 ‘Sunday Bundays’. It was the perfect opportunity to deliver some joy (buns) and celebrate a sense of community.

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