The Ultimate Social Media Authenticity Training
– including 50 practical examples and templates
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“Robin is one of the realest people on Instagram that I know. “
– @therobmajor

Because too many people are dreading ‘the work’ of being visible online. Because others are being crowned ‘influencer’.
As a performer, presentation coach and social media enthusiast I explore the middle ground by looking at various approaches to creating and sharing content online.
Prioritising joy and significance over feeling the pressure to having to promote yourself.

Are you someone who:
– dislikes social media and websites
– has no clue
– realises you might need to step up your…something
– wants to enjoy creating content…instead really wants to shout:
The answer is: NO YOU DON’T!
But it could be worth trying…

How it works:
The Ultimate Social Media Authenticity Training is an online course. You’ll be able to view all material on Instagram and/or Facebook.
During the course of one week, you’ll receive new module videos every day.
You’ll be able to replay all videos for a whole month, so you can decide when, where and when and where you want to watch.
Total watch time: between 3-4 hours.

Three years ago I changed my way of being present online and it has positively impacted and changed my life privately, and as a performer.
I will be sharing examples from my experience, different approaches and tools so that you can start exploring and sharing your way of expressing yourself online.
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Also covering:

What are the rules? – there are none, spoiler, sorry, but I’ll explain how you can utilise this further

Prof vs private – how would one divide? Can I be funny, playful but also come across as someone who takes their work seriously?

How to avoid ‘digital stress’ – consumer vs creator

The benefits of stubbornness and creative restrictions – how to discover your preference of working

Algorithm, followers: The Dirty Talk – all integrity aside, how does one gain followers?!

This is not therapy – but I might as well very briefly talk about how to find more interesting things to do other than beating yourself up, when trying something new and/or uncomfortable

The languages of the various platforms – an introduction and guide to helping you find your preference

Identity vs Brand – what if you don’t have a brand, don’t know what your brand should be, don’t have a product, service or anything to promote?

Why ‘should’ doesn’t exist

The ‘do something principle’ – and other ways to activate yourself

“I didn’t know I enjoyed someone make bread or buns, dance and pull faces before following Robin. I like how her content is non directive but there is still something there if you’re seeking instruction. My mind can always digest it without overstimulation or ever being irritated, which from me is high praise. Thanks for the stuff, I enjoy it.” – @Angusmctootle

“I think I may have started the process of re-discovering the joy of performance! I’ve always seen social media as a necessary evil, and looked at people who like it/are good at it as fake. Met Robin at a party, found her to be very not fake, so figured she could help me be both good and not fake at social media.” – Lisa

“Robin has a wealth of experience which she shared with enthusiasm and thereby made a topic that has filled my with something like dread for a number of years into something that I started to be genuinely excited about. It was a pleasure to spend an hour in her company discussing something that has long been a mystery to me and now feels a little less scary and more enticing.” – Anja Bibby